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Reliable Transcript Service
Reliable Transcript Service
Reliable Transcript Service
Reliable Transcript Service
Reliable Transcript Service
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  BTS Transcription Services is proud to offer a value for money transcription service to its valued clients. The extremely competitive rates make our transcription service affordable for all clients. Our fee structure is flexible depending on our client’s needs.
  • All of our transcription services are charged at an hourly rate.

  • Our highly skilled typists have extensive experience in transcribing interviews and legal dictation.

  • An interview containing one hour of audio recording usually requires between 4 and 4.5 hours to complete depending upon the audio quality.

  • BTS Transcription Services is willing to provide a cost analysis of your previously completed transcripts to highlight the affordability of our transcription service.

  • You will be surprised by our affordable price structure, which can be up to half the price of the major transcription service providers.

  • Our affordable transcription services is second to none when quality is compared. The verbatim transcripts are returned as accurate as possible. All transcripts are proof read prior to being returned to our clients at no extra cost.
Please contact us for details of our affordable transcription fee structure and terms and conditions.

BTS Transcription Services offers credit card payment facilities and direct banking deposit for ease when settling accounts.
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