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Reliable Transcript Service
Reliable Transcript Service
Reliable Transcript Service
Reliable Transcript Service
Reliable Transcript Service
Reliable Transcript Service
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  BTS Transcription Services offers a web based transcription service for:
  • Government agency transcript service
  • Legal Transcription
  • Factual investigation interview transcripts (insurance, work cover etc.)
  • Interview transcripts
  • Criminal investigation record of interviews
  • Dictation for reports, letters, memoranda etc.
  • Speech transcripts
  • Training sessions, minutes, conferences/seminars
  • Tribunal hearings – court transcripts
Our online transcription service has been designed with a user friendly focus. All clients will find our self service system is simple yet effective and enables clients to upload large audio files.

Our services provide transcripts for most audio file formats including standard audio cassettes, micro cassettes, DVD/CD and most file types for digital recorders. If possible, we request that any digital files be forwarded as, ‘wma’, ‘dss’, ’mp3’, ‘or ‘wav’ files.

All transcripts are proof read by our quality assurance team to ensure the most accurate transcripts are returned to you. Every effort is made to ensure the final transcript is as accurate as the audio quality allows.

Transcripts can be returned via email, hard copy or on disc. Weekly pick up and drop off of audio tapes or large digital files can be arranged.

Our experienced transcribers are highly skilled and experienced professionals who produce quality verbatim transcripts.

Verbatim transcripts from recorded interviews of two or more persons is our specialty. New clients are surprised at our affordable transcription rates.

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